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The 30 titles in the series of 64-page first chapter books, for ages 7–10, are ...

1. The Mystery of the White Elephant

2. The Mystery of the Silent Nightingale

3. The Mystery of the Wrong Dog

4. The Mystery of the Dancing Angels [See reviews below]

5. The Mystery of the Hobo's Message [A C. S. Lewis Noteworthy Book]

6. The Mystery of the Magi's Treasure

7. The Mystery of the Haunted Lighthouse [See review below]

8. The Mystery of the Dolphin Detective

9. The Mystery of the Eagle Feather

10. The Mystery of the Silly Goose

11. The Mystery of the Copycat Clown

12. The Mystery of the Honeybees' Secret

13. The Mystery of the Gingerbread House

14. The Mystery of the Zoo Camp

15. The Mystery of the Goldfish Pond

16. The Mystery of the Traveling Button

17. The Mystery of the Birthday Party

18. The Mystery of the Lost Island

19. The Mystery of the Wedding Cake

20. The Mystery of the Sand Castle [See review below]

21. The Mystery of the Sock Monkeys

22. The Mystery of the African Gray

23. The Mystery of the Butterfly Garden

24. The Mystery of the Book Fair

25. The Mystery of the Coon Cat

26. The Mystery of the Runaway Scarecrow

27. The Mystery of the Attic Lion

28. The Mystery of the Backdoor Bundle

29. The Mystery of the Painted Snake

30. The Mystery of the Golden Reindeer

FROM REVIEWS OF "THE MYSTERY OF THE DANCING ANGELS": "Sarah-Jane, Timothy, and Titus are not only cousins, but also best friends and members of the THREE COUSINS DETECTIVE CLUB. [In this book] their lazy summer days are interrupted by the arrival of distant cousin Patience, a precocious and demanding four-year-old, and by a family riddle, 'Grasp the clouds by will or chance, and you shall see the angels dance,' that is related to the mystery of great-great-grandmother Patience's missing necklace. Clever dialogue and some apt description set the stage for the briskly plotted chapter book, which will appeal not only because of the mystery, but also because of the engaging characters and worthy message about patience and tolerance. A sketch of a family tree showing how the cousins are related will spark curiosity about 'Longago Patience' and the lost necklace." —Booklist

"Sarah-Jane, Timothy, and Titus are cousins in a 'good-boring' situation: they are spending a week with their grandmother [and grandfather]. They visit an old house in which their great-great-great-grandfather did the woodwork, and find that they have a mystery to solve. Patience, their four-year-old third cousin, is an aggravation, but she eventually helps them find some missing jewels and reveal the secret behind an old family rhyme. Along the way, the children learn something about being patient with difficult people. Endearing characters, just enough suspense, and intriguing plot twists make this series entry one that deserves consideration. The message is delivered naturally, without intruding on the plot. The writing quality compares favorably with Elizabeth Levy's 'Something Queer' books (Hyperion) and David Adler's 'Cam Jansen' series (Viking), but the addition of a [values-based] point of view gives it something extra. Quality [values-oriented] fiction, especially on this level, is hard to find. Give this little gem a look." —School Library Journal

FROM A REVIEW OF "THE MYSTERY OF THE HAUNTED LIGHTHOUSE": "The story is told in lively, natural dialogue, and the author’s enthusiasm for lighthouses and their lore makes it delightful reading." —Booklist

FROM A REVIEW OF "THE MYSTERY OF THE SAND CASTLE": "In this [book] from the values-oriented Three Cousins Detective Club series, 10-year-old cousins Timothy, Titus, and Sarah-Jane persevere in their search for who stole an elderly woman's antique necklace at a beachside community. The cousins ask good questions and play off each other's strengths in a nice display of team detecting." —Book Links (American Library Association)