THE MYSTERY OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT ... perfect for first-chapter-book readers!

"I spent a summer of my elementary years following this trio, reading every book in the series. It's a great exchange between cousins that are always looking for that new adventure and always manage to learn a lesson or two along the way. 'Like funny, ha ha? Or funny, weird?' Well, TCDC, I now have to pull that phrase into conversation every once in awhile."—Emilie W. (Iowa City, IA) on

"One of the many series of books that defined my early childhood and taught me to love reading."—Josh S. (Charlotte, NC) on

"I would LOVE to own every single book in this series!! What an incredible summer I had with my granddaughter, reading these together."—Mary, on

"I recommend the entire series."—Sherri (Chandler, AZ) on

Selected Works

Books 1–30 in the best-selling "Three Cousins Detective Club" series:
Starring the famous detective-cousins, Timothy, Titus, and Sarah-Jane!



More than 1,000,000 "Three Cousins Detective Club" books are in print worldwide, and the flagship book, THE MYSTERY OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT, has sold more than 100,000 copies!

The TCDC books are warmly humorous, and they appeal to both boys and girls.

Many parents and teachers have found that they are appropriate for first- and second-graders who are reading above grade level, as well as for children in grades 3 through 5. Nine- and ten-year-old boys love them!

RE: "THE MYSTERY OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT": "It was great. I’ve read it 3 times!!! It made me feel like I helped Tim, Ti, and S-J solve it. It was Neat-O."—A reader from the United States

“I love the TCDC books!”—Travis, Encinitas, CA

"The Three Cousins Detective Club is like the BEST BOOKS EVER!!! I have read [books] 1–30. They are the BEST!"—Kaitlyn, Lake Wouth, FL

“The TCDC books are funny and exciting.”—Gilbert, Lockeford, CA

“I feel like I am right in the adventures with Timothy, Titus, and Sarah-Jane.”—Ivey, Chickamauga, GA

“My dad reads the TCDC books to us, and it only takes two days to finish one!”—Timmy, Merrillville, IN

“That TCDC book is the best story I ever read.”—Christopher, Plattsburgh, NY

“Are Sarah-Jane and her cousins real people?”—Jodi,Chattanooga, TN

“I can’t wait until the new TCDC books come out!”—Ruth, Chickamauga, GA

"This book is WONDERFUL! I liked this book because I didn’t figure out the solution to the mystery until the end of the book. It kept my attention and I couldn’t even sleep because of it! I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries."—Marissa, Tallahassee, FL

“Elspeth Campbell Murphy is a very gifted author. The TCDC books are fun to read and will be enjoyed by the whole family!!”—Jason, Ft. Myers, FL

“I read all the TCDC books twice in my home schooling.”—Peter, Sault St. Marie, MI

"THE MYSTERY OF THE DANCING ANGELS is about a 100-year-old house that had angels inside! I think your books are great. They are so cool!!!!! I think you should write more of these books."—“Calie cat,” a reader from U.S.A.