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"Endearing characters, just enough suspense, and intriguing plot twists make this series entry one that deserves consideration. The message is delivered naturally, without intruding on the plot. The writing quality compares favorably with Elizabeth Levy's 'Something Queer' books (Hyperion) and David Adler's 'Cam Jansen' series (Viking). … Give this little gem a look."


“The children truly enjoy the TCDC books, and are eagerly waiting for the new ones.”
—Librarian, Morton Grove, IL

"We replace the TCDC books continually as they wear out from so much use.”
—Librarian, Glenview, IL

“The TCDC books have been a big hit with my class. The characters became familiar friends that evoked enthusiasm and deductive reasoning as well as logical thinking skills. More schools should use these books as part of their reading curriculum!”
—Teacher, Strongsville, OH

“The TCDC books are an inspiration to me and my class. I read the kids a chapter every morning, and they beg me to read more!”
—Teacher, Brookville, OH

“I was able to incorporate the TCDC books so easily in [my] reading instruction. We were able to do lots of predicting, discuss character development, pick out patterns, make story maps, categorize. … These books have been read and reread and have sparked a genuine interest in reading AND WRITING that will burn for a lifetime.”
—Teacher, Strongsville, OH

“My daughter devours the TCDC books in one sitting—she just can’t put them down!”
—Parent, Royal Oak, MI

"The 'Three Cousins' are a favorite at our house because the kids enjoy the adventures of the three cousins’ amateur detective work. And the parents at our house like them because the 64-page novels offer a very readable print size and accessible vocabulary, both of which encourage our young readers."
—Parents, in a Customer Review on the Web

“Mrs. Murphy writes with such compassion and insight into the hearts and minds of young children. Thank you for these books.”
—Parent, Coroapolis, PA

Selected Works

Books 1–30 in the best-selling "Three Cousins Detective Club" series:
Starring the famous detective-cousins, Timothy, Titus, and Sarah-Jane!

The "Three Cousins Detective Club" Series


As cousins, Timothy, Titus, and Sarah-Jane share a special bond (and aren’t encumbered by sibling rivalry!). And since two of the three main characters are boys, the books appeal equally well to boys and girls. In fact, most of the fan mail comes from boys!

Mid-elementary kids can be wild and crazy people! So Cousins Mysteries are filled with humor—humor that's warm and real, and never condescending.

Times have changed, and kids are not as free to roam and explore as they once were. So Cousins Mysteries avoid plot extremes and keep the characters out of harm's way—while still sending them off on exciting and fast-paced quests and adventures.

Mysteries and morality go together by definition: good versus evil, right versus wrong. And the moral grounding of Cousins Mysteries in classical virtues and timeless truths gives them remarkable depth and substance. The books are never didactic, but they offer parents and teachers the option of discussing with children the important themes, such as honesty and integrity, that are subtly interwoven into the stories. Many teachers use the books to teach reading and writing, and many public and school libraries have to keep replacing the books because they wear out from so much use!

A clearly defined story structure—and a satisfying payoff at the end—encourage young readers to see each story through. And see them through they do! Many fans (who range in age from 6 to 12) report that they read the books over and over again. And some of those fans keep writing to Elspeth even after they've gone on to high school and, in one case, college!

There are more than 2 million Timothy, Titus, and Sarah-Jane stories in print worldwide.

THE MYSTERY OF THE WHITE ELEPHANT, Book #1 in the "Three Cousins Detective Club" series